Care Sheet

Brazilian Black Tarantula (Grammostola pulchra)

Grammostola pulchra is one of the most sought after tarantulas in the trade. They are infrequently available due to the difficult in breeding them and their slow growth rate. Since they are very docile and beautiful, when G. pulchras become available, they usually are bought quickly. G. pulchras are a lovely solid velvety black color. They are known as one of the most docile tarantulas that there is. A water bowl should be given when the tarantula reaches 1.5". A bottlecap is ideal for maintaining hydration while keeping the tarantula's booklungs out of the water. Prior to reaching 1.5" droplets of water on the side of its vivarium should be provided for hydration. G. pulchra will usually relish crickets, cockroaches, and mealworms

Range: Brazil

Type: Terrestrial

Diet: Spiderlings will eat pinhead crickets, and other small insects. Adults eat crickets, other large insects such as lobster roaches.

Size: 5 to 6 inches when fully grown.

Growth: Slow Growth

Temperature: 75° to 80° Fahrenheit

Humidity/Water Requirements: 60 to 80%. All tarantulas that have at least a 3" legspan may drink from a shallow, wide water dish. Spiderlings will require light misting to drink droplets of water. Mist cage regularly to maintain humidity.

Temperament: Docile and easy to handle.

Housing: Spiderlings can live in a small clear plastic deli-container with air holes poked with a pin. Use a small amount of substrate such as vermiculite, peat moss or coco fiber. Adults will live in a Large Terrestrial Cage Floor space is more important than height. No decorations are really needed, but you can add a log, or cork bark. Always house tarantulas seperately.

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