Arboreal Cages

Arboreal (tree-dwelling) tarantulas need a taller cage to allow them to climb higher, letting them feel more at home. More room up top equals more room for movement and web building. Arboreal cages can also be used for burrowing species. Just fill the enclosure with more substrate and watch your spider burrow all the way down.

Cage Features:

  • All Clear Acrylic Design
  • 3/16" Thick Walls
  • Lockable Hasps
  • Hinged Lids
  • Polished Edges
  • 2" Screen Vents
  • Taller Height

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XL Arboreal Cage 12"x12"x20" (LxWxH)

Built for large adult arboreal spiders, this cage has eight vents, two lockable hasps, three hinges, front opening door.

Price: $145.00
(shipped individually)

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Large Arboreal Cage With Front Door 8"x8"x16" (LxWxH)

Built for adult tree-dwelling/burrowing spiders, this cage has six vents, two lockable hasps, two hinges, front loading door, and can hold the largest arboreal spider you have.

Price: $105.00
(buy two and save on shipping)

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Medium Arboreal Cage With Front Door 7"x7"x13" (LxWxH)

Built for juvenile and small adult arboreal tarantulas, this cage has four vents, two lockable hasps, two hinges, and a hinged front loading door.

Price: $85.00
(buy two and save on shipping)

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Small Arboreal Cage 6"x6"x10" (LxWxH)

Built for juvenile tree-dwelling/burrowing spiders, this cage has three vents, one lockable hasp, two hinges, top loading lid, and will hold smaller juvenile specimens.

Price: $65.00
(buy two and save on shipping)

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Cork Bark Slabs

Virgin Cork Slabs - perfect for backgrounds, climbing and hiding places. Very versatile - can be used for dry or humid species. Will not mold or rot. Large slabs will fit my large arboreal or large terrestrial cages. Small slabs will fit in the small arboreal or small terrestrial cages. Sizes are approximate. This is an all-natural product, and every piece is different.


Large Slab (Fits Large Cages) $25.00

Small Slab (Fits Small Cages) $18.00

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Brass Lock Set with Keys

Keep your lids safe and secure from kids, household pets, and unwanted escapes with these small brass locks. Each set comes with a pair of alike keys. These locks fit perfectly on our lockable hasps and look nice too.

Price: $5.00 per pair

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2" Aluminum Screen Vents (pack of 12)

Get the official vents I use for your own DIY projects. 100% aluminum construction. Will not rust. Vents will fit into a 2" hole and are 3/16" deep. Now you don't have to make your own! No need to drill tons of holes to ventilate!

Price: $36.00 per dozen

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Vermiculite Substrate (1 gallon bag)

Vermiculite is good for where you need stable high humidity for long periods of time. Vermiculite is a good "mixer" and ideal for adding more bulk to substrates. Tarantula keepers often use a mix of vermiculite and coconut-fiber for most spiders. It is resistant to mold and other fungi, keeping your enclosure cleaner! It also works well for dry climate species. 1 gallon bag is enough to use for a large cage or several small containers.

Price: $15.00 per bag

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Coconut Fiber Substrate

One brick of compressed coconut fiber expands to make seven to eight liters of substrate. It can be used to increase humidity in an enclosure, naturally absorbing and breaking down odor and waste products. Use damp for tropical species or dry for desert species. Ideal substrate for burrowing animals. Made from an eco-friendly renewable resource. Perfect for all types of tarantulas, reptiles, amphibians, small animals, or insects. Directions for use are on packaging.

Price: $15.00 per brick

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Stainless Steel Tweezers

These large tweezers are great for feeding, cage maintenance and picking up small items, while avoiding bites. A must have for any tarantula keeper!


10 inch Tweezers $15.00

12 inch Tweezers $18.00

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The Tarantula Keeper's Guide - Comprehensive Information on Care, Housing, and Feeding 2nd Edition
Authors: Stanley A. Schultz and Marguerite J. Schultz

Terrarium hobbyists interested acquiring a truly exotic pet as well as life science students will find virtually everything they need to know about keeping a tarantula in captivity. This book includes detailed information on the natural history and biology of these fascinating creatures, and the care chapter has been completely updated and revised. The book is filled with color photos and scientifically accurate line art, most of which examples are new to this edition. Since its initial publication, hobbyists have come to consider this book the "Bible of Arachnoculture".
Paperback 384 Pages 6 1/2" x 7 7/8" Published 2009

Price: $18.00

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Tarantulas and Other Arachnids
Author: Samuel D. Marshall

This is a great basic care book. It has information and advice to help you take good care of tarantulas and other arachnids. Different species care and descriptions, as well as information on feeding, housing, breeding and more.
Paperback / 112 Pages / 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 / Published 2001

Price: $10.00

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